Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place a bet? 

Use the Odds List to find the event you want to bet on. Selecting an individual event will reveal a range of possible bets. Click on the odds that you like and your selection will be added to your betting slip. If you want to create a combination bet, simply click on the odds for other bets. Select how much you want to bet (your stake) and the type of bet you want to make. The potential payout will be calculated and when your bet has been accepted, a receipt will appear on the screen. All your current and settled bets are listed in ‘Betting history’.  

What are single bets, combination bets and system betting?  

A single bet is when you pick the outcome of 1 event. You can win the odds multiplied by your wager. You can make a series of single bets using the ‘Single’ tab at the top of the betting slip.  
A combination bet is a bet that depends on the outcome of more than one event – you can add up to 30. 
If you select 8 events the ‘Combinations’ tab will allow you to make an eightfold bet. This is an accumulator and you need to have predicted every event correctly to get a return. If you win, your stake will be multiplied by the total odds of the 8 events. 

The ‘Systems’ tab will list all the different combination bets available within your 8 selections. You can then bet on them but remember, your stake is multiplied by the number of possible outcomes. So if you wanted to bet ‘sixfolds’ (combinations of 6), your stake would be multiplied by 28, as that's how many winning combinations of 6 are possible within your 8 selections.

A Trixie is when you select 3 events and place 4 bets – 3 doubles and 1 treble. A Yankee is when you select 4 events and place 11 bets – 6 doubles, 4 trebles and 1 fourfold. 
When you make a system bet you can also select bankers. These would be events where you’re very confident of the result so you want to include them in every combination. Only combinations containing the banker will be placed and the banker must win for you to get any returns. 
What are the betting stake limits? 

The minimum that you can bet is 0.5 for all other currencies. 
The maximum stake will vary for different bets. If the stake you enter on the betting slip is above the maximum stake you will be given a few options. You will be able to reduce your bet to the maximum stake and to request that your entire bet is accepted. You are free to ask as much as you like.
When do I get my winnings? 

We aim to settle bets as quickly as possible, for some events however official confirmation of the result is necessary before settlement takes place. The money goes directly to your BetMargin account and is available for further bets if you like. 
Why was my bet voided? 

If a bet is declared void it will be settled with the odds of 1.00. This could happen if your bet was accepted at an incorrect price or after the event had started. An accumulator bet will still be valid even if one part of it is void. Full details are available in the betting rules.


Find out how to place bets as the action unfolds and how to use our Cash-Out feature.Place your bets as the action unfolds. We offer a wide selection of live betting events and you can place both single and combination bets. 

You’ll be able to see an in-play scoreboard with the current result and match stats.

Our unique Cash-Out feature gives you the opportunity to cash out a current bet before the outcome is decided, allowing you to secure part of your winnings or cut your losses. 

BetMargin does not acknowledge or accept any liability if the scoreboard or live score update is delayed or incorrect. It is your responsibility to be informed of the score.

 How do I place a live bet? 

If you select the event you want to bet on you’ll see the bet offers and odds. To place a single bet, select the outcome you want to bet on, add your stake and confirm your bet. 
For an accumulator, select all the outcomes you would like to bet on they will all appear in the betting slip. Add your stake, select your combinations and confirm your bet.
Unless betting is suspended or the odds change within the next few seconds (in which case all bets are voided) your bet is on. 
You can view your bets under ‘Betting History’ in ‘My Account’. 
What do the amounts below the odds indicate? 

Once you’ve placed a bet, your potential winnings and losses will be shown under the odds in the Live Betting window. Blue means profit, red means loss.
How does the Cash-out work? 

The Cash-out feature gives you the opportunity to cash in a current bet before the outcome is decided, allowing you to secure part of your winnings or to cut your losses. 
The Cash-out offer only applies for single live bets and can be for more or less than your original stake, depending on what is happening in the match. To accept the Cash-out offer, simply click the Cash-Out button. The bet will be considered settled at the shown price and the money will be deposited in your account immediately.

Example 1:
The score is 0-0 at half time between Barcelona and Valencia. You place a bet of 10Euro on Barcelona winning at odds of 2.00. A couple of minutes into the second half, Barcelona score to take a 1-0 lead. The odds for Barcelona have now changed to 1.10 but you think that Valencia have looked strong and that a draw or even a Valencia win is possible. You have the option to Cash-Out your bet now and get an immediate payout of 17Euro. Your winnings are confirmed, whatever happens in the game.

Example 2:
The score is 0-0 at half time between Barcelona and Valencia. You place a bet of 10 Euro on Barcelona winning at odds of 2.00. In the 65th minute the score is still 0-0 and the odds for Barcelona are now 3.00. A draw or even a Valencia win now looks likely. Rather than lose your whole stake, you decide to cut your losses and Cash-out your bet, receiving a 5.70 payout immediately.

Please note that we can’t guarantee that Cash-out will be available throughout the entire match. 

When do I get my Live Betting winnings? 

Bets made on events that happen during a game are settled as soon as the outcome is decided. The money goes directly to your BetMargin account and is available for further bets if you like. 
Why can’t i find some events that were scheduled in the calendar? 

Occasionally events that were scheduled on our live betting calendar are removed or are interrupted while the event is going on. This is generally because of technical issues such as a lack of TV coverage.